Friday, 4 September 2009

No monkeying around at breakfast...

Olá meus amigos frequentemente férias!

So many of you have been doing that ‘staycationing’ nonsense or else celebrating another one of your all too rare Bank Holidays by making stupid hooting noises at us that I’ve had to take a break from typing these just to cope.

In my absence I see that my naughty owners, Frank PR have been flirting with other monkeys. Or at least monkeys that have taken a liking to their client’s breakfast crunchy thing. Seems that some monkeys at the Heythorp Zoological Gardens saw their keeper eating something tasty pretending to be a banana called Banana Puffs. Now these silly looking pink faced fellows are demanding the same for their breakfast – forgetting about what a real banana is! Your confusing lives and language never seems to amaze me.

Luckily as these are ridiculous, moustache-less Rhesus Monkeys Frank assured me they could never replace me in their affections - after I threw several squishy old grapes in their direction that is!

Of course if you lot carry on making the planet hotter you will have to worry about confused, angry wildlife interfering with more than just your breakfast. So click my causes and donate please.

Até logo amigos!

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