Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Play it loud

Saudações novamente meus amigos aspirantes a rock star!

Your strange, rocky little island never ceases to confuse me. What you call a summer was just a period of such large wet greyness it was closer to being a whale then a season. Now I hear you chattering that ‘winter’ is almost upon us – but the sky is clear and full of sun. Yet when I get close to the glass it is so cold I almost stick on it. No wonder you are all such eccentric, moody and loud animals. Sometimes it is all enough to make me want to move to a nicer island where the people talk funny but the weather makes more sense.

My owner, Frank PR seem to have had similar ideas so opened up an office on a big, big island far away where the weather is nice, accents are twangy and there are very bizarre animals (but no monkeys). There are big, flat furry ducks that lay eggs in the mud and giant boxing rabbits with built in luggage. Man eating lizards sometimes invade golf courses to live in the water. All very crazy, yet they tell me there are no monkeys. I bet the lizards ate them.

The Frank people there are surrounded by the ocean so are especially concerned that my campaign succeeds or else they will end up floating around on eucalyptus leaves! Isso seria terrível!

Luckily they are introducing me to many celebrity friends that can help. Andrew Stockdale from the very loud rock band Wolfmother visited to help launch Guitar Hero 5. Despite the scary name of his band, he wants to help me save the planet.

Even if you have no guitars and don’t feel much of a hero, you can too. Just look to your right, click and donate!

Até a próxima!