Friday, 15 January 2010

Blonde Ambitions

Saudações novamente você confuso macacos impostor!

It's been a long time since you last heard from me. There is a good reason for this and it involves a load of white cold nonsense and a dead laptop battery. First you silly lot make a big deal changing the number of your year, which seems pretty random anyway, then your gods dump a tonne of pointless white mess all over the place. The few of you that can be bothered to bother us are sliding all over the place like the Twins do on discarded banana skins.

You all look pretty similar to me, which increases the risk of mistaken identity. My owners Frank PR’s Down Under department took this to a further extreme and really put one over on me! A famous film star that has been dead for over 50 years appeared unexpectedly during their meeting with Oovie – a company that stuffs boxes with movies and lets people pay to borrow them. They were not fooled, but I was, until one of the keepers tried to take this autographed photo to put on ebay before realising it was as dodgy as a rubber grape. Mais estranho!

One thing that’s sure to be true is that my home will heat up beyond anything acceptable if you don’t look to your right and click to donate!

Vejo você depois, Malandros!