Friday, 7 August 2009

Saunas and Simian Hairstyles

Olá aí estranho penteado com macacos!

Hello my sweaty internet friends! How are you? I could be better. The weather on your wet, grey island never ceases to amaze and disappoint me.

First enough water to create a mini Amazon on your sidewalks pours down out of the sky, and then it goes away. Before I can even be relieved at that the water disappears into the air, making things seem hotter than they are and turning my coat into a sweaty, smelly mess not unlike an old bathroom rug left in a sauna for a fortnight. This is a depressing look. I am not one of your sleazy sauna monkey types. I have no bear claw necklace or medal on a chain.

Meanwhile, you lot have taken to finding the steamy glass of our enclosure very funny indeed. Some of you use it to draw pictures that mum and dad will not explain. It can be very hard sometimes to see who has evolved from whom!

Of course if you keep on being silly with the climate the way you are we all will end up looking sweaty and wrinkled, all the time. Click to your right if you care about your hair!