Friday, 10 July 2009


Boa sorte alegando sua volta estranha cinzas Inglês amigos meus!

Hello again my computer friends! Your icky unfriendly wet weather has kept us all hiding under leaves but we have been lured out to see why so many of you are excited and wearing white sweaters at the wrong time of year.

I’ve been told that it is all about a silly little cup of ash that you fight over with people from Down Under? Even Richard Branson is getting in on the act.

Whoever hits the giant red grape with the tree thing enough in a game named after a noisy green bug gets to keep it for a while. Why keep something you can’t eat and won’t scratch you? You are some big stupid naked monkeys you lot.

Well anyway my owners at Frank PR had champion thrower Stuart Broad round to deliver news of half price deals at Ocado. He is also concerned to make you all stop my home turning into whatever burnt stuff you lot keep in that silly urn.

Well if you ask me the best way is to click one of my causes on the right and dig deep!

Manter viva esperança!

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