Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sleeping through a rodent invasion

Cuidado com a desagradável homens nas urnas lhe grandes macacos!

Hello again my electronic jungle friends! And now I am linked up with Twitter I will be able to keep in touch with even more of you.

I’ve not been smiling as much as usual at you errant glass tapping tarsiers because when you’ve been cooing and making faces at me you should have been off down the local dusty, squash stained community hall to vote. Instead of stuffing ballot boxes with your hard earned rights you’ve been stuffing your faces with ice creams while gurning at mine! While you’ve been having fun some seriously nasty creatures have slipped themselves into Strasbourg. It would be as if I carried on hopping in time to your annoying glass tapping as a gang of smelly rodents ate all my grapes and gnawed through the roots of my tree. How silly you naked types can be.

We monkeys are experts at politics – if you groom the wrong back at the wrong time, forget to groom it, go against the fur direction or hog all the grapes the trees will shake with the biting, dung throwing and squabbling. Luckily it is just me, mum and dad here which leads to less confusion as long as my perpetual fruit rights are respected.

Of course if you carry on as you do there will be no fruit, or trees that are not the plastic variety you get in bad serviced offices. Look into your heart – then look to your right and get giving to my favourite charities!

Mantenha-o real até à próxima vez!

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