Friday, 27 March 2009

Inflatable Fruits

The only way is up

Anima-te você raspou grandes macacos!

Even from under the fur of Dad’s back, I could hear you bipedal wonders talking today about inflation. Something about too few shiny round things and coloured paper to get the same goodies as before. Big grey silverbacks came out with numbers they were not expecting and then the chattering started. To me, they are just abstract shapes like tufts of fur left on the floor after a particularly effective grooming session. It just a silly thing quite separate from the fruit eating, food throwing, hooting, grooming and that other thing Dad won’t tell me about which really matter.

You laugh but we monkeys know quite a lot about economics – when I get bigger I’m sure my magnificent moustache will be stroked more than a pub dog while I consider the latest changes in grape futures pricing, or whether a quick groom is worth a nibble of a neighbour’s apple. The apple might be less sweet than one expects, and while I’m grooming the apple’s owner some naughty ape might snag my cucumber cube stash. Decisions, decisions!

Até a próxima, amigos! Mantenha-o macaco gosta!

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