Friday, 20 March 2009

Funny Money Business

Saudações recentemente grandes símios nariz vermelho!

I noticed that last week you all did funny things for money (or at least funnier than usual - from my simian perspective much of your behaviour is amusing or confusing!).

In fact, my owners Frank PR were crazy enough to let different members of staff take the role of temporary Chairman and impose whatever despotic decrees they liked. If Dad and I took over the Zoo there would be even bigger changes! Like free fruit based moustache wax for all who need it and compulsory whooping.

Frank went along to npower’s pub quiz, which was hosted by noted funny monkey Phil Jupitus. He even pulled out one of those Red Noses for Comic Relief! Looked a bit like one of my cousins as a result. Surely that will make you want to stop all the funny business going on with the climate!?

Tenho que voltar para o pai de volta, para vê-lo mais tarde!

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