Monday, 2 November 2009

Hairy, scary and small

Olá, meus amigos a meia grande e pequeno!

Hello again my oversized cousins! Well we’ve been very very busy lately. So busy I’ve been more concerned with entertaining you, keeping up with the Twins and keeping sane than typing things into this crazy machine.

I’ve also been in a jealous mood about the Twins. They are cute and interesting but surely not as much as me! They just stay on Dad’s back and have so little evidence of a moustache that I’m not sure we are related at all.

We’ve all been puzzled as there have been many, many more of you coming to visit than usual. The last week has seen some proper crowding round the glass, despite your vile weather. You brought along far more of those small, loud creatures than before. One of the keepers said it was something to do with ‘half term’. I think if it was a whole term there would be such a surplus of sprogs about you’d not be able to move! Um campo das crianças!

This could be a good thing because it means whichever mugging oaf is tapping on the glass is likely to get tired, but could not be replaced. I’m not scared about that any more, just annoyed.

What is scary is the tradition you lot have of dressing up in ridiculous outfits for one night to go round demanding candy.

Trick or treat? Surely it would save money to trick anyone coming round your house with some kind of monkey magic rather than give away precious sweet things? If anyone was foolish enough to shake my tree and demand a grape they would get quite a scare, let me tell you!

What is scary of course is that if you don’t change your ways, my kind are more likely to be found behind glass than in trees. So go on – click to your right to donate and let me know of any more groups helping my cause you’d like to see here!

Até a próxima vez que você grandes macacos!

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